Students of All Ages and Abilities

We specialize in Private Lessons featuring:

  • Professional state-of-the-art studios for individual instruction
  • World-class educators with deep experience and passion for music
  • Free WiFi in our waiting area for parents and guests of students

Along with regular practice, expert individual instruction is the key ingredient to success for any beginner music student. 

 We can provide private lessons on the instrument of your choice at reasonable rates with convenient scheduling.

Our friendly and expert teachers are here and ready to help ensure the success of musicians launching and pursuing their passions for:

  • All Woodwinds
  • All Brass
  • All Orchestral Strings
  • Guitar & Bass
  • Keyboard & Piano
  • All Percussion

Give us a call at (877) 480-8224 and follow the prompts to our sales team for more information. Or, you may enquire directly with the form on the right side of this page.



Zeswitz Music is currently accepting applications from qualified music educators interested in teaching in our professional practice studios.  

Looking for a space to call home?  Email for information on requirements, scheduling and rates. 


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