Top 5 reasons to rent your teacher-approved musical instrument from Zeswitz Music:


1. Weekly visits to your school for service and support* by our professional Education Representative keep your student’s instrument in excellent playing condition! *Ask your band director for details, or contact us at (610) 406-4300 to see how often we service your child's school.


2. No hidden fees. Your Zeswitz Total Price™ includes every rental feature your student musician needs to be successful. Our Loss and Damage Coverage is free!


3. Worry-Free Maintenance Coverage is included in all our rentals. We will maintain, repair, or (if needed) replace your child’s instrument for no additional charge. We even provide loaner instruments so practice and concerts continue!


4. Change your mind? With our flexible rental programs, you can switch any time (under your teacher’s guidance, of course). Need a larger-size string instrument? Want to swap your clarinet for a trumpet? Just give us a call!


5. Might want to buy your instrument in the future? 100% of rental fees apply towards ownership. Save 20% off the unpaid balance when you purchase the instrument. Getting serious and ready for an upgrade? Congratulations! Call us to find out how your credit and discount can help you purchase the instrument of your dreams!


Sound easy? Let's get musical: 

No Fine Print! 

Zeswitz Music's 5 Rental Terms and Conditions

1.    You will pay all fees as described on your order. The first rental period begins when the instrument is delivered. Future rental periods will begin automatically until you return the instrument (see #3) or take ownership (see #2). We will charge fees to your credit or debit card at the beginning of each rental period. When you take ownership, maintenance continues until cancelled. 

2.    We will apply all Rental Fees you pay towards the purchase of the rented instrument. When your paid Rental Fees equal the purchase price of the instrument, you will own it. Taxes and Maintenance Fees do not apply. If you purchase the instrument sooner, you will receive a 20% discount off the difference between your paid Rental Fees and the purchase price. Half your Rental Fees can apply towards a step-up or professional model

3.    You can return your instrument at any time by calling us at (610) 406-4300 for instructions. If you return an instrument without calling first, fees will continue until we receive the instrument. Each student may receive only one introductory period per instrument. If you discontinue your rental without purchasing an instrument, you may not apply your paid Rental Fees to any future purchase. Once any rental period begins, no portion of that period’s fees are refundable.

4.    We will repair and maintain the rental instrument at no additional charge. If necessary, we will replace it. We will do our best to provide a loaner instrument while work is being performed. Normal wear items (such as strings, bow hairs, cork, etc.) are included. Consumables (such as reeds, oil, cork grease, cleaning cloths, etc.) are not. We trust you to please take good care of our instrument. Damage caused by neglect, abuse, and/or deliberate misuse is your responsibility.

5. You can exchange a string instrument for a larger size at any time. You can exchange a band instrument for another like-new or used band instrument (with your teacher’s approval) as soon as your first rental period ends. All paid Rental Fees continue to apply to future purchase.

That's it. Let's get musical!