Returning an instrument

Thinking of Returning? Did you know:

  • Many successful musicians find their instrument through trial and error. We can exchange your instrument for another type of instrument at any time, free of charge. If your student doesn't enjoy playing a particular kind of instrument, perhaps a different one might be more fun! 
  • Your Rental Fees cannot apply towards any future purchases if you discontinue your rental.
    Call us to find out the total of your Rental Fees at 610-406-4300, option 2
  • Only one discounted trial period is allowed per student. If you decide to rent the same type of instrument again in the future, your monthly renewal rate will apply and Rental Fees from before your return cannot apply to any future purchases.


Parents - Things You Should Know Before Your Student Gives Up Band or Orchestra:

  • Listen to this brief podcast from Dr. Scott Watson of Parkland School District on student persistence
  • Consult with your student's teacher - this may affect their schedule and enrollment.


How to Return a Rental Instrument and End Your Rental - 3 Steps:

Please do not return an instrument to your school without contacting us first. Here are the steps:

  1. Contact us via the form below or by calling 610-406-4300 and selecting Option #2 to inform us that you would like to return.
  2. We will confirm that we have scheduled your return/exchange.
  3. Please carefully follow the instructions in our confirmation, including:
    • Make sure your child's name is clearly displayed on the instrument
    • Attach a note to the outside of the case, "Please Return To Zeswitz and End Rental"
    • Place the instrument in the designated return area for your school. 

Your rental will end automatically when we receive the instrument. Until then, your rental will remain active. 

Return Service Request Form:


Please note: 

Until we confirm your request, please do not return the instrument to your school. For returns, your rental will remain active until Zeswitz receives your instrument. 

We will get back to you shortly and arrange to fulfill your request on our soonest visit. Thank you!