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Welcome, Devoe's Music Rental Customers!

We're ready for you! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


Can I keep renting my DeVoe's instrument?

Absolutely! Your DeVoe's rental agreement continues with the same benefits and responsibilities for you. There are no changes to prices, terms, or conditions. Zeswitz has simply taken the place of DeVoe's.


How do I pay for my rental?

Zeswitz Music will charge you for your rental exactly as DeVoe’s did – either automatically to the card you provided or via monthly bills mailed to your address. You can send payments to our headquarters at the address above. For any payment questions, please email us at Rentals@ZeswitzMusic.com or call 610-406-4300.


My instrument needs to be fixed. How can I get it repaired?

Zeswitz Music will repair it for you in our 20-person repair shop. We will pick up your instrument at your child's school, deliver a loaner instrument if needed, and return your repaired instrument back to school.

To start the repair process, visit our website: www.ZeswitzMusic.com/repair 


How do I return my instrument and end my rental?

You're welcome to keep renting, but If you would like to return and end your rental, please request a pick-up of your instrument from your child's school here: www.ZeswitzMusic.com/return


What if I already returned my instrument?

If you already returned your instrument, don't worry. We will be double-checking the inventory and when we process your instrument, we will end your rental for you. To notify us that you already returned your instrument, please use this link: www.ZeswitzMusic.com/return


Can I exchange my instrument?

Yes, you can exchange your instrument for one of a similar quality at any time. String instruments can be exchanged for larger sizes at any time (subject to availability). Your rental rate will remain the same. To exchange, please visit our website: www.ZeswitzMusic.com/exchange


Can I upgrade my instrument?

Yes, you can upgrade by exchanging your DeVoe's instrument for a higher quality rental instrument. Please contact us for pricing information by emailing Rentals@ZeswitzMusic.com or calling 610-406-4300


Who do I contact if I have questions about my account?